Mini Megaphone

Mini Megaphone

Big things come in small packages. Okay, that probably didn’t come out right, so let me rephrase that with an over-used saying: “Small but powerful.” That’s probably what you’d use to describe the Mini Megaphone, because while it looks teeny tiny, it packs a mean punch and a whole lot of sound.

Hear your voice amplified many times over once it passes through the Mini Megaphone. It’s so small and portable, you can take it with you anywhere you want to be; at work while you’re bossing people around, to a ball game to cheer your favorite team on, or to a rally while you’re picketing for a cause.

Mini Megaphone

Mini Megaphone

The megaphone is small and collapsible and comes with a strap so you can hang it on your wrist. So it’s easy to use and easy to handle between bouts of applause at the football stadium.

It’s a great accessory if you want to make some noise, just perfect for die-hard fans.

  • Includes pre-recorded melody
  • Includes stickers with the following flags: England, France, Greece, the US, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Italy, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Australia
  • Runs on 6 AA batteries (not included).
  • It’s collapsible and comes with a strap so you can hang it
  • Size when folded: 16 cm x 13 cm
  • Colors: White and red

The Mini Megaphone is available from Curiosite for $26.38.

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