Millennium Falcon Bookcase Bed

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Twin Bookcase Bed

If you’re decking out a bedroom in Star Wars, you have incredible choices of furniture these days. An amazing centerpiece would be this Millennium Falcon Bookcase Bed, unless you already have your heart set on the X-Wing Bed or AT-AT Bunk Bed. Combine it with other home decor like the TIE Fighter Desk, Death Star Shelf, Darth Vader Gaming Chair, Stormtrooper Pendant Light, and Lightsaber Lamp for an incredible Star Wars themed bedroom.

Although this Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bookcase Bed is about the design, with its headboard that looks like the cockpit of the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs, it’s also about function. In fact, this bed is loaded with useful modern features. It has a built-in tablet holder, with electrical outlets and multiple USB charging ports. It also has speakers built-in that you can connect to via Bluetooth or the auxiliary input jack for compatibility with almost any device.

There’s even multi-touch lighting that you can adjust to your brightness preference depending if you are reading or unwinding before bed. It includes a remote control so you don’t even have to get up to adjust the lights. Besides the ample space on the bookshelf base of the headboard, there are also side bookshelves to give you more storage space.

You don’t have to play a game of sabacc to get your hands on your very own Millennium Falcon™ twin panel bed. The headboard looks like the cockpit of the infamous vessel, making you feel like you’re looking into space at the Death Star™. Charge your electrical devices or plug in your favorite movie into one of the two electronic ports or USB ports located on the headboard, compatible with Bluetooth and most music players, tablets, and laptops. A tablet holder and stereo speakers make it easy to be immersed in the entire experience! Multi-function touch lighting can be adjusted depending on your preference: low, medium, or high. A remote is also included, which adjusts the flashing speed. The bookshelf base on the headboard has a textured “carbonite” feel that offers a non-slip surface for displaying items or books, while side bookshelves offer additional storage space. Constructed of tubular steel and sheet metal in a gray finish, this sturdy bed will impress.

Buy the Millennium Falcon Bookcase Bed for $599.99 at Rooms To Go.

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