Hidden Bookcase Door

Hidden Bookcase Door

Forget about locks and security cams because the most secure type of door is the door that nobody knows is there. The Hidden Bookcase Door does a great job of making the entrance to any room virtually undetectable; and as an extra bonus, you get to feel like you have your very own secret lair.

I’ve always enjoyed those movies that show hidden rooms behind bookcases; rooms that hold secrets and knowledge and sometimes even the means to destroy all life as we know it. This bookcase might not disguise anything nearly as intense but it’s still wicked cool and will undoubtedly make you the envy of all your geek friends, because EVERYBODY wants a hidden chamber tucked away behind an unassuming piece of furniture, regardless of whether they admit it or not.

The bookcase comes with either a clear shine or no-shine finish, and can be ordered in either oak, maple, or cherry.

Hidden Bookcase Door

  • Height x Width – Large 88” x 66”
  • Height x Width – Medium 88” x 54”

Join the elite crowd of superheroes, super-villains, and mad scientists everywhere with your very own Hidden Bookcase Door. It can be yours for $3,000 from Opulent Items.

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