Mercane Transboard Three-Wheeled Foldaway Electric Scooter

Mercane Transboard Three-Wheeled Foldaway

GeekAlerts has shown you some pretty neat and expensive gadgets (like the Batman Dark Knight Tumbler Golf Cart and Electric Motorized Gyro Cycle) in the past, but this one is a little more reasonable. The Mercane Transboard is a three-wheeled electric scooter that features a self-balancing control system so it can be ridden without any complicated instructions or specialized training.

Powered by a 500-watt motor electric motor, this little scooter has some go. It is able to reach a top speed of 20mph and has a max range of roughly 20 miles.

One of the nicest features on the Mercane Transboard is the unique one-touch full-folding system that allows you to easily store or transport the Transboard when you’re not riding it. Once folded, it’s as easy to take with you as a piece of light airport luggage on wheels. The frame features a polycarbonate trim that is light and very strong, and the LED display shows speed, trip length, and other trip related information.

Mercane Transboard

Six buttons on the bottom of the display can conveniently power up your Transboard, set your trip distance, change the display mode, speed, lights and so much more. You’ll never fiddle with the panel as you ride along.

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Electric Mercane Transboard

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Double wishbone suspension is installed in the rev-tricycle frame of the the Transboard helping the rider to drive safe under any road conditions. Also, the special self-folding system helps Transboard to fold in one simple gesture. The result? Your transboard transforms into something like a travel carrier making it easy for you to carry it conveniently while folded.

This is the electric three-wheeled transporter that accelerates to a top speed of 20mph yet folds easily for compact storage. It’s powered by a 500-watt motor and features double wishbone suspension and a sturdy aluminum alloy frame that ensures smooth rides over uneven terrain. The scooter’s two front 10″ pneumatic tires and rear 8″ urethane foam tire grip pavement while a thumb-activated electronic brake reduces speed. Its display panel provides power, speed, and mileage readouts, and enables one to activate cruise control and operate its 24 LED headlight. With a slip-resistant deck that supports up to 220 lbs. Its 48-volt rechargeable battery provides a 20-mile range from a six-hour charge via the included AC adapter. White or Black. 45″ L x 44″ H x 24″ W. (47 lbs.)

You can purchase the Mercane Transboard Three-Wheeled Foldaway 20MPH Electric Scooter at Hammacher Schlemmer and learn more about it at


  1. Good evening, well it is here. I’ve been looking for a personal people mover recently and I came across this little ripper of a machine. I’d really like to purchase one but the problem is that the Aussie government has a restriction on electric powered people movers to 200 watts. I was just wondering if you knew of any companies in Australia had purchased any of the scooters and reduced the wattage for sales in Australia. Cheers.

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