Magic Tattoos

Magic Tattoos

Magic Tattoos are temporary and come to life with a little help from a free app so you can have anything from blood-thirsty warriors, creepy spiders, or galloping unicorns moving around on you.

Stick-on tattoos are cool but the new wears off pretty quick because they just sit there on your skin. However, things just got more interesting with the addition of augmented reality because, with the free app, you can now check out some cool 3D action, complete with sound effects. Each pack contains two sheets with eight designs for a total of twenty-four tattoos. Each unique design has its own animation so you get a wide variety of cool things to look at.

The designs are split into packages for girls and boys… because apparently it’s believed that boys won’t like unicorns or cute kittens and girls won’t like spiders or warriors stomping around with sharp objects. I say just ignore the ‘for boys’ and ‘for girls’ bit and get the ones you want.

Magic Tattoos for Boys and Magic Tattoos for Girls are available for £4.95/$7.32 each at Red5.

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