Look Taller Shoe Lifts

Look Taller Shoe Lifts

A lot of women say they’re not into looks or appearances. I think it’s not that they’re lying or anything; I think most women try to look past appearances and look at character of the person instead. But set that woman up on a blind date with a man who’s an inch or two shorter than her and she’ll usually find that hard to swallow. So men, here’s a tip: buff up, puff your chest out, and look a full inch taller by slipping the Look Taller Shoe Lifts into the soles of your shoes.

The Look Taller Shoe Lifts look old-fashioned, and that’s because they’re modeled after a similar but retro product that used to be advertised in the back of men’s magazines.

Look Taller Shoe Lifts

Look Taller Shoe Lifts

This is a re-creation of a retro product that used to be sold in the back of men’s magazines. The vintage imagery and text communicate hilariously outdated ideas about the importance of height in business and matters of love. Surely, we’re all beyond that now, but just in case we aren’t, these foam shoe inserts will add an inch to your height.

The Look Taller Shoe Lifts are available from McPhee for $4.51.

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  1. I for one agree that shoe lifts is better and more flexible than elevator shoes because I used both before.

    The design of elevator shoes are limited and sometimes can be old-fashioned. They’re also most costly as compared to shoe lifts.

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