LED Flashlight/Reading Light with Built-In Glasses


Crickett is a brand new product from Rocco Originals, a Texas based a manufacturer and distributor of eyewear.

The 3-in-1 product features a LED flashlight and reading light combo with a pair of reading glasses hidden in the concealed compartment at the base.

One touch and the CRICKETT automatically unfolds its robotic arm and activates a high-intensity light that makes personal reading a pleasure even in the darkest room. A strong metal Book Clip secures the CRICKETT to any Paperback or Hardbound book and its pivoting head allows you to read both open pages and turn pages with ease.

The CRICKETT is available in 9 popular shades and comes complete with your choice of Color Coordinated Reading Glasses in one of 4 Powers (1.00, 1.50, 2.00, 2.50)

Manufacturer suggested retail price is set to $25.


  1. I was looking for a pair of “readers” as I am “of the age” where I am beginning to need a bit of help. You know, my arms just aren’t long enough to hold the book at a distance where I can still see clearly!

    Anyway, it was fortuitous that about a week ago I found your site when I was searching for Cricket Cell phones and I spelled Cricket with two t’s. So I put an alert on your item and just received this Geek Aert.

    It is such a cool idea to have both the reading glasses and the Booklight in one unit. I love to read and my wife goes to sleep early so now I can fix my eyes and marriage at the same time!

    When are you going to be set up to sell The Crickett online?

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