Karakuri Neck Charm

Karakuri Neck Charm

If you or someone you know has unsightly neck wrinkles, then you need the Karakuri Neck Charm. This little miracle worker might look like an oversized bandage, but it’s what the Japanese call an anti-aging wrinkle skin slack neck brace.

Whether it is a novelty item or something that really works is for you and your friends to decide. Pull that extra neck skin back and slap it on and see if the front of your neck looks years younger. The below diagram gives you an idea of what is supposed to happen here.

Anti-aging wrinkle skin slack neck brace

The Karakuri Neck Charm

  • Includes special adhesive tape to hold skin to the brace
  • Please remove the tape carefully so as not to hurt your skin

You can purchase the Karakuri Neck Charm at the Japan Trend Shop for $87…a small price to pay for a smooth neck ūüôā

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