iShelf – Cover Flow Inspired CD Stand

The CD might be dead when it comes to listening to music, but I would be more than happy to purchase a few of those old pieces of plastic to be able to enjoy the iShelf.

This CD stand concept, inspired by the famous “cover flow” user interface in Apple’s digital iTunes media player application, is created by the Chinese designer Li Jianye.

Check out more photos of the iShelf over at Labexp blog.

(Via Yanko Design)


  1. I’m with you Coolio, if I laid out my cd collection this way I would fill every wall in my house!

    Think I could knock up a homebrew of this for less than a £1/$1 😉

  2. Looks cool [and really looks like the ipod view] However i guess it will only be good to view. Not very practical when only 5 CDs can be stored.

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