iRecorder – TV to iPod without Computer


iRecorder is a handy little device that plugs into your TV and your iPod. You can then transfer movies, TV shows etc. to your portable audio player without using a computer.

It will record from analog TV, cable, set top box, satellite receiver box, DVD or your Camcorder. As long as there’s an RCA jack output from your source, you can plug it into this device’s AV-IN jack to record.

The iRecorder also has an AV OUT for you to preview or play your video on your TV. The USB jack lets you simply plug in your iPod, or whatever, and store your recorded video directly to it. The gizmo is compatible with iPods, Nano (3rd generation), iPod Classic or any other USB device media device that can play Mpeg4s.


  • A sleek, white recorder that lets you record your tv programmes, DVD and Camcorder footage or satellite directly onto your ipod.
  • You won’t need to use iTunes or a computer to import the programmes.
  • For every 1GB of storage that your iPod has, the iRecorder will give you 3 hours of footage.
  • The iRecorder has a AV-IN jack so you can plug in any device with an RCA jack output.
  • The iRecorder has an AV-OUT so you can playback your recorded bits on the TV again.
  • A USB jack to plug in your iPod and directly transfer the recorded video.
  • A remote control that allows you to set the timer of the iRecorder to record your favourite programmes.
  • 2 sets of 3-to-1 AV cables.
  • Compatible with the iPod Nano 3rd Generation, iPod Classic, Video iPod (30G/80G) with USB cable (comes with your iPod package), USB mass storage device with USB cable, Video input source with RCA jacks such as VCR, TV cable box, satellite box, DVD or Camcorder or a TV or LCD TV for preview and menu display.
  • Not compatible with the iPhone or iPod Touch.
  • Requires a mains plug (UK adaptor included).
  • Size: 11 x 9 x 1.5cm.

The iRecorder is available from I Want One of Those for £99.95 (About $158 USD).

(Unplggd via GearCrave via Newlaunches via SlipperyBrick)

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