Inflatable Pillow Tie

Inflatable Pillow Tie

Working in an office and having to wear a suit all day can get pretty tiring. Not to mention sitting in your cubicle and looking busy. It’s enough to make you need a nap. Be prepared for this eventuality with the Inflatable Pillow Tie. It will be your new best friend.

It looks like a normal tie for the most part, but on the back it has one of those valves like you find on other inflatable gadgets. If you find yourself getting sleepy, just blow into the valve to blow up the tie, close it off and lay your head down on your desk.

Inflatable Pillow Tie

We aren’t sure how comfortable this tie is to sleep on, but we are always up for a nice refreshing nap, so at just $19.95 from Baron Bob, this tie is too good to pass up. (Update: Link removed because the website is gone and we could not locate this item elsewhere.)

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