Inflatable Fire Hydrant

Inflatable Fire Hydrant1

You can’t believe it, but there it is, right in front of you: the perfect parking space. Close to your office (or school or wherever it is you are), and no one else is in sight to take it from you. But you can’t park in it forever. It pains you to have to leave the spot for others to take when you need to go grab some lunch or do some errands–but really, you don’t have to. Not when you’ve got the Inflatable Fire Hydrant.

Just blow some air into this fiery red hydrant and park it in front of the perfect parking spot so no one else can take it. Novel idea, isn’t it? However, I don’t think this is legal. (You don’t want to know what will happen if a fire breaks out near the area and firefighters arrive only to find that their hose just flattened the hydrant.)

Still, the Inflatable Fire Hydrant is good for a few laughs and gags.

Inflatable Fire Hydrant

Inflatable Fire Hydrant

With the Parking Space Protector Inflatable Fire Hydrant, that space is all yours for as long as you want it. Just inflate this great little item, fill the base with water or sand and drop it in front of your space. No one will dare steal it now with a realistic looking fire hydrant sitting there.

The Parking Space Protector Inflatable Fire Hydrant is the perfect gag gift for that driver in your life who has no patience behind the wheel and freaks out whenever they can’t find a space close enough to where they’re going.

The Inflatable Fire Hydrant is available from Baron Bob’s for $14.95 and at from $7.49.

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