Inflatable Windsurfer and Sailboat

Inflatable Windsurfer And Sailboat

Love taking control of the wind and cutting through the waves, but don’t have a truck or van that can tote a conventional windsurfer? The Inflatable Windsurfer and Sailboat lets you have all the water fun you can handle, and you only need a vehicle that can handle a large bag.

In addition to being inflatable and portable, you get two ways in one to have fun on the water because the windsurfer can also be converted into a sailboat, or you can dump the sail completely and just hang on tight while a boat does all the work.

Inflatable Windsurfer And Sailboat

The 11 1/2′-tall aluminum mast supports its 33′ sq. PVC sail, which is reinforced by three fiberglass battens, with an integrated boom providing control of the sail by hand when using the windsurfer, and two keel blades, a tiller, and a rudder keep you on course when using the sailboat. Since it supports up to 400lbs., there shouldn’t be any worries when it comes to choosing your first mate.

The watercraft measures in at 102″ L x 60″ W x 20″ H, but the included foot pump only takes about ten minutes to have you ready to get wet. When it’s time to return to the world of the landlubber, it just takes another ten minutes to break everything down and store it in its rolling storage bag, where it will patiently wait for the time that you once again transform yourself into the lord of the lake.

Inflatable Windsurfer And Sailboat

Stop avoiding the water just because you don’t have a truck that can haul a full-size watercraft. Get the Inflatable Windsurfer And Sailboat for $799.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer and have fun getting wet.

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  1. Poor value. $800 can get you a new entry level windsurfer or a performance sail or a complete used package. I haul my windsurf gear in a small station wagon. You can do with a hatchback too. Or get a roof rack.
    You can learn to windsurf with this, but a real learning board can be turned into a planing windsurfer with a bigger fin and foot straps. U can’t plane with this.

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