House of Loki Sons of Mischief T-Shirt

House of Loki Sons of Mischief T-Shirt

Mythology meets comic books meet movies on the House of Loki Sons of Mischief T-Shirt. New fans of the trickster god might not realize it but Loki used to really suffer in the looks department. However, all that changed when the world began to see Tom Hiddleston as the Norse God of Mischief, which is probably why this artistic depiction of Thor’s stepbrother looks more like his modern self than the old-school Loki.

As is usually the case, Loki has to share the spotlight but I don’t think he minds this time since he’s sharing it with his son, Fenrir. Yeah, Loki has a wolf for a son. It’s probably wise not to mention any family resemblances.

House of Loki Sons of Mischief T-Shirts

The shirt is available for both men and women, and the image can also be ordered on tank tops, iPad cases, iPhone skins, and various other items.

The House of Loki Sons of Mischief T-Shirt is available for $22 at Medusa Dollmaker’s Society 6 store.

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  1. This has Fenris and Jormagundr, but where is Hel? Where are Vili and Ve? Where is Slepnir?

    It’s gorgeous, but that’s only *some* of Loki’s children.

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