Hide and Squeak Eggs

Hide and Squeak Eggs

When it comes to toys for kids, I’m all for those that help develop some sort of skill, rather than have them play with something that’s just all about shooting aliens or killing zombies. The Hide and Squeak Eggs is one such toy.  Hide and Squeak Eggs doesn’t seem like much, but it’s basically a toy that will keep your kids entertained while developing their motor skills and making their memory better. Each of the “eggs” (of course they’re not real eggs) have funny faces printed on them and a colorful chick inside just waiting to greet your child with some perky chirps.

Hide and Squeak EggsHide and Squeak Eggs Kid Game

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? When it comes to Hide and Squeak Eggs, the answer is simple. Just crack open each of these cartoony ovals and inside you’ll find a squeaky, beaky, chick! Press them down one by one and they’ll each give a little chirp.

This wonderfully tactile toy is great for young children to develop their motor skills and memory. Open the eggs, play with the chicks, and then piece them together again – each egg has a specific place in the box, so children will have to remember (or work out) which one goes where.

The Hide and Squeak Eggs game is available from Firebox for £6.99 ($11.)

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