Green Lantern Verde X-Ray T-Shirt


Everyone’s favorite Emerald Warrior, Hal Jordan, has seen better days in this wickedly awesome Green Lantern Verde X-Ray T-Shirt because it looks like GL has been doing some extreme dieting, or maybe transparent skin is just a side effect of wearing an energy-spewing ring from another planet on your finger.

Regardless of the reason behind Lantern’s new skeletal look, it creates an interesting image for comic geeks to wear, and it can even double as your Halloween costume so the shirt kicks extra butt by working double-duty.

Actually, this cool t-shirt has a third job, too, because it serves as a warning to not wear jewelry handed out by strangers. If some weird red or blue dude ever offers you a free ring, just say no and run the other way.

You can get the Green Lantern Verde X-Ray T-Shirt for $19.99-$23.99 at If you’re more into scarlet than emerald, but still like the cool x-ray effect, you can also get the The Flash Crimson X-Ray T-Shirt.

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