Great Geysers

Great Geysers

You might have heard about that YouTube video that went viral when some teens placed a Mentos in a plastic bottle of soda and shook the whole thing. Now it’s your turn to get in on the fun in this all-in-one Great Geysers kit that has everything you need and more to create soda geysers up to twenty-five feet high!

Of course, I’d advise that parents keep a close eye on their kids while they’re playing with this thing. No one wants their little baby to come home all drenched and soaked in sticky soda, right? The Great Geysers isn’t all about playing though; it also contains some pretty neat stuff to teach your kids more about the history of soft drinks as well as show them a thing or two about how burps come about.

Great Geysers Erupting Soda Fountain

Learn how to make a spectacular geyser up to 25 feet high using ordinary household pop – and the science behind this world-famous experiment. Plus, perform over a dozen other exciting reactions that’ll fizz, froth and foam – all with fizzy drinks.

This complete kit takes children on a bubbly journey of discovery as they study the science behind soda, the history of fizzy drinks and even the anatomy of a burp. Watch them make remarkable discoveries and one heck of a mess in the process!

  • Make your own erupting soda fountain (with three different geyser shapes)Great Geysers erupting soda fountain
  • Experiment with other substances that make the reaction work
  • Make noodles dance
  • Perform safe chemical reactions that fizz and foam
  • Investigate the science behind each reaction
  • Suitable for ages 8 and over

Great Geysers is available from Firebox for £14.99 with free delivery.

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