Great Geysers

Great Geysers

You might have heard about that YouTube video that went viral when some teens placed a Mentos in a plastic bottle of soda and shook the whole thing. Now it’s your turn to get in on the fun in this all-in-one Great Geysers kit that […]


USB Bamboo Fountain

If you want to try to add a little zen to your workplace, this USB bamboo fountain with flowing water might give you a nice relaxing and soothing effect – or, maybe it won’t. USB Bamboo Fountain USB operated Flowing waters create a calm, soothing […]


Digital Fountain Clock (Video)

This cool fountain timepiece can be seen at the Kanazawa Station in Japan. The computer controlled creation uses small jet streams of water to create the set of digits that will display the current time. Here’s a video showing the clock in action: Visit […]

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Rainbow Fountain

The AquaGlow Rainbow Fountain ($50) will add a colorful water light show for your pool or pond. The product runs off water pressure – a garden hose or the pool return line provides all necessary power.