Grace Digital ECO TERRA Waterproof Boombox Case

Grace Digital ECO TERRA Waterproof Boombox Case

A boombox??? Hold on a minute. Before you start thinking we’re woefully behind the times, take a closer look to see the modern spin that the Grace Digital ECO TERRA Waterproof Boombox Case puts on the iconic symbol of the 80’s.

The main thing that sets this music machine apart from its predecessor is the fact that it plays music from your iPhone, iPod, Android, or many other mp3 devices.

Another huge difference is that you no longer have to use yourself as a shield if you see water heading towards the source of your jams because this boombox doesn’t just float; it’s fully submersible, with two waterproof high-performance speakers and a waterproof compartment that protects your iPhone (or other device) from water, dirt, snow and shock.

Floating Grace Digital ECO TERRA Waterproof Boombox Docking Station

  • Fully submersible
  • Floats with speakers pointed up
  • Operates over 25 hours on battery power (4 C batteries required)
  • AC adapter included
  • Detachable carabineer clips secure unit to boat, canoe, tree branch, etc.
  • Audio auxiliary line-in
  • Adjustable carrying handle
  • Designed to fit mp3 players including iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5 and most Android, Windows and Blackberry devices

Feel safe at the pool or lake with the Floating Boombox for $149.99 at The Sharper Image, $110.91 at and $112.99 at

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