DoorBot – The Wi-Fi Enabled “Smart” Doorbell


Doorbells are great for letting you know when someone’s at your door… if you happen to be home. For those times when you have to be away from the casa, DoorBot will let you know when you have visitors, while giving the illusion to those visitors that you might be home.

We’ve all heard the stories about thieves going to random houses, ringing the doorbell, and then breaking it when they discover nobody is home. That’s a risk this handy little device can greatly reduce because the wireless doorbell streams live video and audio of your front door directly to your smartphone or tablet, making it easy to convince unexpected guests that you’re actually home even though you can’t get to the door at the moment.

If you’re not the type that worries about home invasion, it’s still nice to be able to use the link with your home to keep track of deliveries or to make sure you don’t miss connecting with someone you’d like to get in touch with if they happen to stop by.


DoorBot’s perforated brushed aluminum faceplate looks great on any front door. And it’s not just good looking; the internal and external components are carefully designed to endure the elements. DoorBot’s powerful camera captures amazing video in the daylight, and at nighttime. The adjustable camera lens allows you to position your DoorBot to your exact preference, so it always captures exactly what you need it to. DoorBot’s highly efficient Wi-Fi technology allows the device to run for a full year under normal use before needing to replace its 4 AA batteries.

As if being able to see who’s at your door when you’re not home wasn’t cool enough, an extra add-on feature called Lockitron, a wireless automatic door lock, even lets you unlock the door for visitors.

DoorBot will be shipping July 2013 but it can be pre-ordered now. DoorBot by itself is $189 and DoorBot with Lockitron is $339 at Christie Street.

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