Ghostbusted T-Shirt

Ghostbusted T-Shirt

The Ghostbusters get busted by Fred and the gang on the Ghostbusted T-Shirt.

What happens when a group of ghostbusting scientists run into a group of mystery-solving kids? Lots of crunching and breaking glass when you’re talking about Ecto-1 and the Mystery Machine having an accident. I can’t help but wonder if whoever was driving the Mystery Machine might have had one too many Scooby Snacks, if you know what I mean.

Can’t you just imagine the bickering that would take place between Peter Venkman and Shaggy? And you know Egon would be anxious to study Scooby Doo’s brain.

The fender-crushing image was created by the artist known as manospd.

Ghostbusted Shirt

The Ghostbusted T-Shirt is available for $11.00–$12.00 at

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