Game of Thrones Wolf Spoiler Crest T-Shirt

This clever Game of Thrones Wolf Spoiler Crest T-Shirt will let you reveal numerous spoilers to those who have yet to experience the adventures of Jon Snow, Arya Stark, and the rest of those who fight under the banner of the Direwolf… but it’s done in such a clever way that nobody will mind.

At first glance, the image created by artist spikeOO seems to reveal nothing more than an artistic interpretation of the sigil for House Stark. However, a closer look reveals some of the dark moments to be experienced by the family. The great thing about these spoilers is that you have to already know what’s coming in order to understand them. Otherwise, it’s just a glorious tease. For example, the three arrows referred to as red wedding presents. Is there any GoT fan who doesn’t know what that refers to? Can you feel the tingle of anticipation when friends new to the world of ice and fire get close to viewing that very memorable wedding?

How about something more recent? Perhaps the heart with the dagger through it and the banner that reads live twice. Again, you have to already know the spoiler for the image to mean anything.

It’s a clever shirt for any Game of Thrones fan… and Arya will add you to her list if you don’t agree.

Available for $22 at TeeFury.

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