Flash Leggings

Women's Flash Leggings

The Scarlet Speedster is nowhere around on these cool-looking Flash Leggings, but that’s probably because he’s moving too fast to be seen. However, you can still tell he’s in the area because of the lightning trails he leaves from running so fast.

You don’t have to be into comic book superheroes to get a charge out of these stylish leggings because they look awesome, even without Barry Allen or Wally West making an appearance. Eye-catching lightning bolts race down the front and back, creating an eye-catching graphic that makes it look like you’re moving fast even when you’re not.

Okay, that last bit isn’t actually true, but you’ll look stylish whether you’re running, walking, or just sitting around.

The Flash Leggings are available for $80 at Poprageous.

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