Firefly Serenity Film-Scale Artisan Replica

Firefly Film-Scale Artisan Replica

The best ship in the ‘verse now gets the best replica with the Firefly Serenity Film-Scale Artisan Replica, which is so awesome that it will probably have you putting on a browncoat and telling people they can’t take the sky from you.

Hold on to your hats – even if it’s that funky orange thing Jayne wears – because this 1:124 scale replica is prepared to blow you away with the level of detail involved with it. Created from the digital files of the Serenity from the sci-fi TV series, Firefly, it has more than 250 parts, more than 100 LEDs for light effects, tiny little crew members inside the ship, and graphics that are actually painted on, with no stickers or decals in sight.

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Firefly Serenity Film-Scale Artisan Replica

  • Limited Edition. Offered in a numbered, limited edition of 500 ships.
  • Incredible complexity. More than 250 parts — cast and laser cut.
  • Extra strength. Steel skeletal structure and internal brass structure for main engine rotation.
  • Interior bling. More than 100 LEDs controlled by a 12-volt system.
  • Multi-layered colors. A total of 25 different colors of high-quality studio paints.
  • No decals. All graphics on Serenity are painted on by hand, even Serenity’s logo.
  • Exquisite details. Miniature bridge with crew members, galley with furniture and cargo bay with cargo.
  • Movable parts. Manually operable cargo bay door and hinged reactor vent covers.
  • Wireless remote. Custom electronics created by QMx FX Cinema Arts with a four-channel remote control. Effects include:
    • Interior lighting for the bridge, galley and cargo bay, and illuminates docked shuttles.
    • Active formation lights
    • Rotating gravity rotor lights
    • Reactor housing illumination with a hard burn and twinkling firefly effect.
  • Cool display. Serenity’s lighted display base is a box stand with a Translight inset of a nebula. It features a 12-inch steel stand that adjusts at a variety of angles for optimal display.
  • Pro prop crate. Each Serenity is shipped in custom-cut foam and stored in a hand-built wooden apple crate, just like what the pros use to safeguard their props

The Firefly Serenity Film-Scale Artisan Replica can be pre-ordered for $7,495 at


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