Fantastic Four Statues by Bowen

Fantastic Four Statues by Bowen

Before there were mutants, there was a group of adventurers bombarded by cosmic rays, and the Fantastic Four Statues by Bowen do a great job of capturing the quartet as they display their powers.

Reed Richard, Ben Grimm, Sue Storm, and her brother Johnny were just normal people until they were exposed to cosmic rays that provided each with their own unique power. Each of the four statues, standing over 12-inches tall, depict the classic Marvel heroes in their iconic blue and black costumes as they show what makes them Fantastic. I especially like how Sue’s power is handled because invisibility isn’t the easiest power to show in statue form without looking lame.

For some reason, the foursome is divided in a weird way so you’ll have to get the Thing separate if you want the whole family together.

Fantastic Four Thing Statue by Bowen

The Fantastic Four Statue Three-Pack by Bowen, which includes Reed, Sue, and Johnny is available for $425 at Midtown Comics, while the Thing Statue by Bowen is available for $200.

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