Ms Marvel 70s Version Statue

Bowen Designs 70s Version Ms Marvel Statue

Ms Marvel is one of those characters that Marvel Comics never seemed to know what to do with, but the Bowen Designs 70’s Version Ms. Marvel Painted Statue reveals a retro-look for the character that played it safe while still managing to make the new hero work.

Forget getting bombarded by gamma rays or being bit by a radioactive spider. All Carol Danvers had to do was hook up with Captain Marvel (the dude with the star on his chest; not the lightning bolt), and she ended up some of his powers. Eventually, Carol slipped into a skimpy female-version of Captain Marvel’s outfit and started calling herself Ms. Marvel… just in case slow readers couldn’t pick up on the fact the new hero in red and blue was now a female. After that, things got weird and the character went through several reboots.

The 12.5-inch-tall statue, sculpted by Jason Smith, features Carol Danvers in her classic 1970s Captain Marvel-style uniform, showing way more skin than you think would be sensible when fighting crime but such was life in the wild 70s.

The Ms Marvel 70s Version Statue is available for $187.97 at

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