Ellusionist Playing Cards Review

Arcane Playing Card Deck

A few weeks ago GeekAlerts introduced you to the Infinity Playing cards from Ellusionist. By the post, you could tell we were impressed with what we saw. Well, Ellusionist was nice enough to send us three of their top decks, the aforementioned Infinity, Arcane, and Artifice, to take a closer look at the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each deck.

All three decks have custom features making each unique and together the features include things like high-resolution printing, exclusive performance coating, true-metallic silver line art, multi-level embossing & debossing, metallic silver and gold inks, and much more.

While I’m no magician or card shark, I really enjoyed the look and feel of these cards even if I only use them for weekend fun with friends. We all enjoy quality and it is nice to know that you can find it in something as inexpensive as these Ellusionist Playing Cards.

Artifice Playing Card Deck

For a closer look, go to Ellusionist and take advantage of their 2011 Ellusionist Holiday Giveaway with prizes valued over $1,000. With several prizes available, you could be the lucky winner of a 5 minute, up to $1,000 shopping adventure through the Ellusionist site or maybe you could even be the Executive Prize Winner and receive a full magic studio with all the goodies.

Ellusionist Playing Cards

To be the best, you need to play with the best no matter what your activity is. You can purchase your Ellusionist Playing Cards in a variety of styles starting at only $3.99 from Ellusionist.com.

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