Electric All Terrain Pendular Quadricycle

Electric All Terrain Pendular Quadricycle

This Electric All Terrain Pendular Quadricycle is a very unique vehicle that you can race over everything from grassy hills and dirt embankments to fields of snow and rutted trails. It looks like it would be so much fun to drive, somewhat like a jet ski, where it’s hard to stop smiling while you’re riding.

Featuring an innovative design with a driver’s nacelle, this electric off-road vehicle can easily negotiate uneven terrain and steep slopes, while giving the driver precise control. Since it’s electric, maintenance should be trouble-free. All around it seems like one amazing vehicle with just one problem, the price.

This is the electric vehicle that moves over tough, off-road terrain using four wheels that articulate on longitudinal axes in concert with the driver’s nacelle. Designed and manufactured in southern France, the craft’s patented pendular movement is a product of placing the nacelle’s center of gravity below its pivot axis and placing the pivot axis of each wheel below its contact point with the ground. This imparts an independent pendular effect to the nacelle and wheels, which allows the craft to negotiate uneven terrain—each wheel negotiates slope differences independently—while the driver’s nacelle tilts with the wheels when cornering or traversing a slope. All four wheels steer, which grants the driver positive, direct feedback—this yields a high degree of precise control over grassy hills, dirt embankments, fields of snow, deep-rutted dirt tracks, and more.

This Electric All Terrain Pendular Quadricycle  can be yours if you have an extra $15,000 laying around. Buy it at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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  1. This gives the nacelle and wheels an independent pendular effect, allowing the craft to navigate uneven terrain since drift hunters each wheel can deal with slope changes on its own, while the driver’s nacelle tilts with the wheels while turning or descending a hill.

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