Drive A Tank

Drive A Tank

Did you know you can actually Drive A Tank without joining the Army? Drive A Tank, Inc. in Minnesota offers tank driving experience packages that actually let you drive a British Abbott tank and an FV432 APC (Armored Personnel Carrier). While you can’t fire the main gun on the tank, you can fire historic machine guns in their indoor range as part of the package. Your day of tank driving also includes an introductory tour, historical information, and tank training. Bring with up to two passengers to share in the fun for just $45 each.

I think it would be amazing to pilot such a heavy vehicle, and it would be completely awesome to actually drive over a car and crush it. If you know someone that has everything and you have a few bucks to spend, this would make an incredible gift idea.

Crush A Car With A Tank

Find out how you can drive a tank at While prices aren’t cheap, you might expect it to be even more expensive than it is. Lowest in price is the 3 Star Lieutenant General’s Package for $399 per driver, and next up is the 4 Star General’s Package at $549 per driver. However, it may be worth springing $549 extra for a single car crush or $749 for a double car crush to really make your day of tank driving something you will never forget.

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