Doggie Doo Game

Doggie Doo Game

The Doggie Doo Game is exactly what it sounds like. I’m not sure you can call it a game at all.

It’s all about feeding the dog and then making him…do his doo. Roll the dice and take turns feeding the dog biscuits, which are pieces of a Play-dough like compound. Then pump the leash handle and it might go off on your turn, onto your scoop. Collect three “doos” first and win.

Doggie Doo Game

Doggie Doo Game

  • Feed the hungry doggy treats made from colored modelling compound
  • Roll the die and squeeze the handle. As you squeeze the handle the dog will make some interesting noises as he digests it
  • Collect the doggie doo on your shovel. The first person to collect 3 pieces wins!

If that sounds like fun, this gross game is just £22.99 ($36/€26) from Firebox. It is also available for $18.16 at


  1. This is what the world has come too? These game companies have lost all creativity. And the bad thing about people will actually buy this dumbing down of America. Very sad.

  2. that is the stupidest thing I have ever seen in my life. someone must be awfully loaded with money and no life at all to buy something like that. don’t you think there are some people in need who could really use that money for food?

  3. Actually this game is kind of funny and a lesson learner. I have a young autistic brother who wants a real dog. So buying this game helps to teach him an important lesson about caring for animals. Even cleaning up after them. People may disagree, but it is not a bad idea for those who find it useful.

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