Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary

Doctor Who The Visual Dictionary

For all you fans of Doctor Who, you are going to love Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary.  This book describes in detail all the characters, aliens, tools, gadgets and other space knowledge that the Doctor has come across during his adventures with Amy and  Rory.  This updated guide book has over 40 more pages of information about the time-traveling Doctor Who and all his journeys in his TARDIS.  Learn more about The Ood, Daleks, Dream Lord, The Silence and all the rest of Doctor’s enemies in this great Doctor Who reference book.

Doctor Who viusal guide and reference book

A must-have for fans, this tome is packed with monsters, gadgets, and all sorts of wonders from across time and space – and not just descriptions, but loads and loads of photographs and cutaways (see inside a sonic screwdriver, for example). You’ll learn about the Adipose and their unique reproduction methods, the Sycorax and their horribly chapped lips, and oh so many of the Doctor’s companions. Also, you’ll get a great fold out of the TARDIS, exposing its interior and close-ups of many things you might have missed in the episodes. Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary – don’t leave Earth (or our time) without it.

Doctor Who: The Visual Dictonary

  • Find out everything about The Doctor
  • Updated visual guide to his world
  • More aliens, more gadgets, more wonders from across space and time
  • 144 pages

You can purchase the Doctor Who: The Visual Dictionary from ThinkGeek for $24.99 and at from $13.71.  Doctor Who fans are going to want to start their day off right with the TARDIS Mug and possible a game of Doctor Who Monopoly.

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