Doctor Who TARDIS Converse Shoes

Doctor Who TARDIS Converse Shoes

Are these Doctor Who TARDIS Converse Shoes similar to the actual TARDIS? Yes they are because, just like the Doctor’s iconic blue box, these shoes are bigger on the inside.

Okay, these shoes aren’t that much bigger on the inside. You probably can’t stuff a sonic screwdriver in them but they do run a half-size larger than stated so a size 8.5 foot will slip into a size 8 shoe with no problem.

The blue Converse shoes are hand-painted and the paint is mixed with a textile medium so it won’t crack. They can also be worn in any weather so there’s no need to keep an eye on the weather whenever you want to go for a stroll in your Whovian footwear.

The Doctor Who TARDIS Converse Shoes are available for $110 at KillerKix’s Etsy store.


    • Considering Converse are around $75 a pair, plus the cost of paints and other materials, plus their time to make these, that’s actually one heck of a deal.

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