Deadpool Batman ‘Do You Bleed’ T-Shirt

Deadpool Batman Do You Bleed T-Shirt

The Dark Knight is really fixated on finding out if people bleed these days, and the Deadpool Batman ‘Do You Bleed’ T-Shirt shows that the Merc with the Mouth isn’t afraid to answer the question truthfully.

Does Wade Wilson bleed? Of course he does. He’s not some alien freak from another planet. But he knows there’s one major rule in life – never let them see you bleed, which is why he wears the red suit… which is probably a lot better than wearing a brown one because the implications of a brown suit aren’t pretty.

Artist Daniac is the mind behind this interesting Marvel/DC crossover that combines Deadpool with Batman’s attention-getting question in Batman v Superman.

The Deadpool Batman ‘Do You Bleed’ T-Shirt is available for $14 at

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