Cyber Clean – Keyboard Cleaning Slime

Cyber Clean - Keyboard Cleaning Blob

If you are reading this at you computer you are most likely also aware of the fact that keyboards have a tendency to get quite dirty after a while. The slime-like Cyber Clean is a product that “blots out the muck from every crevice of your keyboards with a grime-slapping antibacterial action.”

While compressed-air sprays and tiny brushes will just move the dirt around in your keyboards, telephones and other electrical gadgets, this devilish ooze will splurge into every tiny corner, swallow up dead skin, hair and food and absorb it back into itself.

Because it’s made from an unique antibacterial formula, the dirt is actually neutralised and sanitised while it’s inside the putty – up to 80% of all germs can be destroyed in this way.

Cyber Clean - Keyboard Cleaning Blob

You can get a jar of Cyber Clean from for £7.95 (about $14 USD).

Update June 2011: Cyber Clean Electronics Cleaning Putty is also available for $8.99 from ThinkGeek.


  1. Very good product as a current computer technician it’s true that the traditional keyboard cleaning is mess, this product seems to solve this problem.

    Very good product and cheap too!

  2. Cyber Clean- I tried it for my office and I also bought the car one too. This product is genius. I love it. I want to know why I did’t think of inventing it! It really works, cleans, de-germs, and have a really nice fragrance…both of them. I highly recommend them! Thanks.

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