Cursin’ Swear Bear Talking Plush

Cursin' Swear Bear Talking Plush

Most plush and stuffed toys are usually geared towards a young audience. After all, it’s usually toddlers and babies who love cuddling up to these stuffed animals, right? However, the makers of the Cursin’ Swear Bear Talking Plush have a different idea because these are definitely plush bears that you should not be getting your kids (or anyone below age 18, for that matter.)

The Cursin’ Swear Bear Talking Plush looks cute and adorable but it’s got a very dirty mouth. Give it a squeeze and you won’t be treated to kid-friendly sentences or greetings. Instead, you’ll be bombarded with some pretty crude and rude curses and statements that young kids definitely shouldn’t hear on a regular basis. Now this is one plush toy that’s specifically (and only) for adults.

Cursin’ Swear Bear Talking Plush

This bear needs his mouth washed out with soap! He looks like the perfect cuddly toy to send home with your child or give to a loved one. Unfortunately, due to a small error in design, his sound chip says things like “Eat sh*t and die, mother f*cker!” and “Nobody loves you, everybody hates you, go f*ck yourself!” He stands 6 1/2-inches tall and comes ready to give you a little attitude.

  • Watch this guy around your kids!
  • Cute bear with a dirty mouth!
  • Be the envy of all the crude-minded people you know!

The Cursin’ Swear Bear Talking Plush is available from Entertainment Earth for $14.99.

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