Creeping Zombie T-Shirt

Creeping Zombie Shirt

When the zombie apocalypse comes, we can do our best to kill all the undead creatures, or we can borrow the idea from this Creeping Zombie T-Shirt and put those rotting corpses to good use.

Zombies aren’t actually evil; they’re just really, really hungry. Would you appreciate it if a cow put a bullet in your brain just because you had a major craving for hamburger? Of course not.

So, why not make that insatiable zombie hunger work to our advantage? The guy on the t-shirt, which sort of resembles Rick Grimes (although this isn’t a Walking Dead product), is apparently concerned as us about the rising gas prices and has come up with a creative way to avoid getting gouged at the pump. Just grab a fresh brain, put it on the end of a stick (or a rifle), and hang on tight as you get from Point A to Point B using zombie power.

Creeping Zombie T-Shirt

  • 100% preshrunk ComfortSoft cotton
  • Lay-flat collar and taped shoulder-to-shoulder for ultimate comfort
  • Fit: T-Shirt (unisex), Oversized T-Shirt, and Ladies Fit
  • Suggested color: Dark Gray and Black

The Creeping Zombie T-Shirt is available for $14.95 at NeatoShop.

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