Computer Jewelry

Computer Jewelry

If your computer is to be avant garde as far style and haute couture are concerned, then it needs to accessorize with shiny Computer Jewelry by Peleg Design.

Computer Jewelry Decorations

Furthermore, for all the hours of your life spent in front of your PC, you might as well play up the aesthetics of your surroundings. This set of computer jewelry with a metallic silver finish boasts unique, detailed designs that you’ll not likely find elsewhere. They’re reminiscent of quirky Monopoly game pieces; random objects that look meaningful. In the set you’ll find a beautiful potted flowering orchid plant, a construction guy with a power drill, a railway clock that hangs off the side of the screen, and a toppling bucket of liquid being spilled. Yeah, pretty random stuff but fashion isn’t necessarily about practicality. Notice that the clock is frozen at just about 5:00, which signifies that it’s almost happy hour!

Computer Jewelry Box


  • Stylish metal decoration for your computer screen
  • Four designs included in each pack: orchid, driller, clock and bucket
  • Easily sticks to computer screen with double-sided tape tabs

At, the Computer Jewelry set can be pre-ordered at the price of $44.13. Stock is set to arrive in mid-May. It is currently available for immediate dispatch on their Australian site at

A nice complementary piece for the orchid plant jewel would be the USB Flower Pot. Spring is in the air!

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