Boba Keiko Statue

Boba Keiko Statue

The Boba Keiko Statue is the Star Wars/Mickey Mouse/Angry Birds/Naked Girl mash-up you never knew you always wanted… or something like that.

There is nothing wrong with your screen. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. You are really looking at a mostly naked girl wearing a Boba Fett helmet with Mickey Mouse ears… and bear paws on her hands and feet, just to add to the weirdness. The helmet also appears to have a pig snout, which reminds me of the pigs in Angry Birds, because why not? The Han Solo bra, however, is my doing, for those who don’t wish to be assaulted by bare boobs. The actual statue does NOT include the Han Solo bra. You can see the uncensored pics by clicking the link below.

Words really do fail to describe this thing. No description would do it justice, but if you’ve ever woken up in the middle of the night and craved a naked woman wearing a Boba Fett helmet with Mickey Mouse ears, seek medical attention right away, here you go.

Boba Keiko

The Boba Keiko Statue is available for – wait for it because you’re not going to believe the price connected to this oddity – $239 at Tenacious Toys.

(via Topless Robot)

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