Blokket Signal Blocking Phone Pocket

Blokket Signal Blocking Phone Pocket

We live in a world of constant connectivity, allowing us to be tweeted, Facebooked, or called any time of day or night, but the Blokket Signal Blocking Phone Pocket allows you to find a little peace and quiet, without having to find the willpower to actually turn your phone off.

Let’s face it. Technology is addictive. We might occasionally want peace and quiet but the thought of actually turning the phone off never crosses our mind. It’s so much a part of our everyday life that turning the phone off can almost be compared to cutting our nose off. Lucky for you then that I found this sweet little sleeve that helps say no to the busy world around you. Just slip your phone into the pocket and enjoy the bliss of silence that comes from blocking up to 99.7% of incoming radio wavelengths. It’s like toting around a portable dead zone.

signal blocking phone pocket

Blokket Signal Blocking Phone Pocket

  • Silver and nylon RFID blocking sleeve
  • Holds a phone and/or your chipped ID cards or passports
  • Blocks 99.7% of radio frequencies
  • Fits most phones – 8″ x 5.75″
  • Hand wash
  • Made in the USA

Say goodbye to always being in touch, at least for a little while, with the Blokket Signal Blocking Phone Pocket for $24.99 at

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