Always Innovating Tiny MeCam Quadrocopter


The MeCam Quadrocopter from Always Innovating is a nanocopter, and it will follow your around, filming everything that you do thanks to its onboard webcam. It can launch from the palm of your hand, and hovers away, almost instantly.

The MeCam Quadrocopter has a webcam that can shoot stills and stream video to any Android or iOS device. It can be controlled via voice or be told to follow its user. There are 14 sensors on board to keep it from running into obstacles like walls and other other people.


The camera is docked in a nano copter with 4 spinning rotors to keep it aloft. There are 14 different sensors which help the copter detect objects around it so it won’t bump into walls, people. or anything else. Always Innovating also includes stabilization technology so that videos shouldn’t look too shaky.

The MeCam Nanocopter is still in development, but it’s available for licensing and it will probably be available soon.

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