Alien Acid Drip Coaster Set

Alien Acid Drip Coaster Set

One of the most fascinating parts of the movie Alien was that the Xenomorph’s blood was a strong molecular acid that could melt through steel decks like butter. From that inspiration comes this cool Alien Acid Drip Coaster Set that features 4 coasters that look like they’ve been melted with acid. The first three look like concrete and have a hole “melted” all the way through, while the fourth is black and has a puddle of Alien blood.

Each coaster is about 4″ square and is backed by felt. They are officially licensed and feature the ALIEN movie logo on the side.

Alien Acid Drip Coasters

We’re going to assume your coffee table’s not made out of steel, carbon, cobalt, or any of the other kinds of materials used in the production of Weyland-Yutani’s deep-space mining ships. Materials that clearly were not meant for face-hugger blood.

Unfortunately, at a glance these Alien Acid Drip Coasters don’t look like they’ll fare much better against acidic blood than the surfaces on the Nostromo. But it’s safe to assume they’ll work just fine to protect your tables from more common, human-caused coffee-ring stains.

Available exclusively at ThinkGeek, this Alien Acid Drip Coaster Set is normally $39.99. Right now is the perfect time to buy, because at the moment this set is 75% off, making it just $9.99. (Price subject to change—or more likely, the product is likely to sell out.)

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