85-Foot Inflatable Military Obstacle Course

The 85 Foot Inflatable Military Obstacle Course

Forget about dropping and giving me twenty. You’ll just be ready to drop after tackling the 85-Foot Inflatable Military Obstacle Course, because this thing will have you begging to crawl back into your nice, safe office cubicle.

When it comes to physical fitness, we know the nothing can measure up to what military training can dish out, but we can’t all just drop what we’re doing and head off to Boot Camp. Fortunately, you can turn yourself into a lean, mean, backyard warrior with a few runs through this blow-up workout. Take a deep breath and see what you’re in for.

The course begins with two portholes that must be jumped through–successful clearance positions runners in front of three horizontal hurdles that can be overcome from above or below. Three “hedgehog” obstacles slow momentum if poorly navigated, increasing the difficulty of clearing the ensuing obstacle–a 16′-high rope swing. Two knotted ropes enable two runners up to 250 lbs. to swing over an 6′-long x 12″-deep pit, which is sealed to accept water, plastic balls, or foam blocks (not included). Knocking aside three stanchions gains entry into a matrix of elastic bands that simulate a laser field. Runners complete the final challenge by climbing a hill and sliding the remaining 20′ to victory.

The course inflates within ten minutes, thanks to four air pumps that plug into AC with 25-foot cords, and the included stakes and tethers make sure the course stays put while it kicks your butt you kick its butt.

Shake off that cubicle dust and get those couch-potato wrinkles out of your clothes with a “light” workout through the 85-Foot Inflatable Military Obstacle Course. It’s available for $12,500 at Hammacher Schlemmer.

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