8-LED Macro Ring Light for Digital Cameras

Marumi LED-8 LED Macro Ring Light for Compact Digital Camera

This LED ring from Marumi will allow you to take better close-up pictures with your compact digital camera. The ringlike form provides a smooth and shadowless illumination of your object from every side.

This ring light unit provides an illumination akin to daylight. This results in brighter colours. The ring light has two steps of light intensity. You always can choose the matching light intensity for the actual ambient light.

You can attach the ring light to any camera which has a tripod thread. By the help of the flexible bending arm you can adjust the ring light to any camera type. You just have to bend the bending arm so that it is positioned in front of the lens of the camera.

Marumi LED-8 LED Macro Ring Light for Compact Digital Camera


  • First ring light for compact digital cameras
  • Smooth illumination from every side
  • No object shadowing any more
  • Eight LEDs
  • Two steps of light intensity
  • Illumination akin to daylight
  • For any camera with tripod thread
  • Flexible bending arm for the LED-ring
  • Needs three AAA-batteries
  • Case included

The Marumi LED-8 LED Macro Ring Light for Compact Digital Camera is available from enjoyyourcamera.com for 79,99 EUR (about $126 USD).

(Smart Stuff via OhGizmo)


  1. Hey that looks really usable!

    I wish I had one of these when I was modding micro RC cars and posting them online!

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  3. My dad bought me compact tripod for my Sony camera, which is really cool.

    Something like this would go well with one of those small light tent things.

    Nice idea…

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