Hot Shot Camera Ring

Hot Shot Camera Ring

Now that everybody has their own digital camera, old cameras are sort of becoming ancient artifacts. Back when cameras weren’t phones, they were really beautiful, sought-after, well cared for pieces equipment. Now that there’s this Hot Shot Camera Ring, those who still believe in the integrity of film can wear their analog cameras proudly. Hence the name Hot Shot.

Hey paparazzi, ready for my close up! Never mind, I’ll take my own pictures, or at least pretend, with Fred Flare’s exclusive ring. Adjusts to fit all sizes, camera measures about 1/2 inch. Click!

You’ve got to love how the ring is adjustable; another feature we were accustomed to back in the non-digital days. Also, this ring is neither feminine nor masculine, not too sappy or corny, and its black and gold colors look stunning during the day and into the night. Supermodel, work! Notice how there’s a glass bead to give the lens a realistic look? Talk about attention to detail.

If you don’t have the cash to buy yourself or someone you know a camera at the moment, perhaps the Hot Shot Camera Ring would be an excellent rain check gift. The price is reasonable at $12, and it’s exclusively available at Fred Flare.

If jewelry is not your thing but cameras are, you can opt for Camera Cookie Cutters, DSLR Camera Lens Mug, or the DSLR Camera LED Keychain that makes camera shutter noises.

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