Camera Cookie Cutter Set

The Camera Cookie Cutter Set

It’s time to put the Gingerdead Man Cookie Cutter and take out the Camera Cookie Cutter Set. With a bit of practice and a whole lot of skills, you will be able to create camera-shaped cookies that are picture perfect. Aside from the fact that camera cookies would be fun to chew on, freshly-baked ones would make for a fun (and meaningful) surprise for someone who’s into photography.

Camera Cookie Cutter Set

Camera Cookie Cutter Set

You heard us. Meet The Camera Cookie Cutter Set! These fun little molds make edible cameras! You get three different designs: an SLR, a classic rangefinder, and an old-school twin reflex camera. The set also comes with a dough stamp, perfect for stenciling out camera details with frosting and sprinkles (take that, Ace of Cakes). You’ll even get a fool-proof cookie recipe that even the most culinary-challenged shutterbug can follow! Just whip up a batch of sugary shutter treats, and you’ll be the coolest kid at the camera club — that’s pretty sweet!

The Camera Cookie Cutter Set is available from Photojojo for $18.

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