8-Bit Pixel Cube

8-Bit Pixel Cube
It used to be that you could only find 8-bit and pixeled graphics in video games and related paraphernalia. But because the human race is incredibly creative and has come up with so many different ways to express their passions, including that of video gaming, some parts of that world have invaded the real one we live in. Take the 8-Bit Flower Bouquet and the Pixel Oven Mitt for example. To take things even further, you can now create your very own pixel art with the 8-Bit Pixel Cube.

This set of cubes contains an assortment of colors to let you re-create your favorite video characters or art with a bit of b-bit feel to it. Let your creativity run wild because the kind of art and figures you can come up with are unlimited.

8-Bit Pixel Cube8-Bit Pixel Cube

So to celebrate these stupendously important little squares we’ve found the 8-Bit Pixel Cube. This nifty collection of multicoloured bricks lets you build any 2D or 3D artwork in retro pixellated style. Individual magnets in each of the cubes keep your models from falling to bits – you can even assemble them on the fridge.

Recreate your favourite 8-bit computer game characters, familiar desktop icons, or something more complex. With enough of these tiny cubes, you can build a picture of anything!

The 8-Bit Pixel Cube is available from Firebox for £18.99 / $30.

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