Pixel Clock Wedge

Pixel Clock Wedge Blue

The better the computer graphics and screen resolutions gets, the more interesting it is to see pixelated designs – don’t you think?

This pixel clock wedge is a good example of that simple, but yet attractive old school style. Each number is made up out of 15 pixels on an angled black display. The clock features an alarm with snooze function, and you have the option to display the time in a 12 or 24 hour format.

The large numbers ensure that the time can be read from a distance or by those with poor eyesight, and constant illumination is perfect for night time use without having to reach out in the dark.

The wedge clock is powered from the mains but should you wish to turn off the clock (or if there is a power cut) a back up battery will keep the time meaning that you don’t have to reset it when power is restored.

The clock costs UK£ 20 (about $40 USD) and is available in two different models over at the Red5 website:

Pixel Clock Wedge White

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