Zigstand Foam Smartphone Stand

Zigstand Foam Smartphone StandIf you’re expecting a phone call from a doll, prop up your iPhone on the Angel Wings iPhone Stand. If you’re sending a text to a boor, then position your phone against the Moose Head iPhone Stand for a gruffer feel. But if you’re in the mood for checking your mail and then connecting your iPhone (or any smartphone, for that matter) to your PC or laptop via the dock at the bottom of your phone, then the Zigstand Foam Smartphone Stand would be your best bet.

While most phone stands are stationary and only prop up your device in one position, the Zigstand can do two positions: 30° and 60°. The former, for when you want to put it in a more reclined position, and the latter, when you want it to be more upright.

Zigstand Smartphone StandZigstand Foam Smartphone Stand

Two urethane foam cradles securely hold up your smartphone at a 60-degree angle, so that you can see and tap the screen without actually palming your device. But wait! Flip the stand around, and now it holds your phone up at a 30-degree angle! Perfect for plugging a connector cable into the bottom of the phone. Additionally, the urethene cradles can be fitted together in a jigsaw-like manner for easy carrying; put together, they’re just slightly larger than an iPhone 4.

The Zigstand Foam Smartphone Stand is available from Geek Stuff 4 U for ¥2,109.00 ($26).

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