Wrap-Up Tripod for Your Camera

Wrap-Up Camera Tripod

This handy lightweight neoprene camera case features a clever built-in ultra-slim tripod. Simply unwrap the case, unfold the legs, take your photos, wrap and go.

Unlike other portable peripherals, you needn’t worry about losing this handy accessory or fumbling around for it in your pockets because it mounts to your camera via its screw-in tripod socket and stays put permanently, even while you take the shot.

Wrap-Up Camera Tripod

Talking about taking shots, the die-cast aluminium tripod extends to provide a stable, tilt-adjustable platform for all those self-timer shots, family portraits and piccies where even an ultra-steady hand won’t do. You can even rotate it to allow access to your camera’s battery or memory card slot.

Crafted in stretchy neoprene with a quick-release Velcro closure, the Wrap-up is so useful cameras look and feel naked without one.

Wrap-Up Camera Tripod

The Wrap-Up Tripod is available from the Firebox website for £19.95 (about $30 USD).

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  1. David Hardwick Photography Reply March 2, 2010 at 6:17 pm

    Nice idea. I need one of these for my DSLR.

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