Wine Thermometer

Wine Thermometer

Wine that’s too warm and wine that’s too cold is simply no good. It’s best enjoyed at the right temperature range so you can really appreciate the richness of the wine’s flavor. There are wine thermometers that you can plug through the mouth of the bottle, but I don’t really fancy the thought of having some metal probe touching my wine, which is why I think the Wine Thermometer is such a good alternative.

The Wine Thermometer looks like a metal cuff, but with a lot of writing on it and a thin display where you can read off the temperature. The fine print on the thermometer is actually recommendations of the right temperature that your specific kind of wine should have.

Wine Bottle Thermometer

Wine Thermometer

Wine experts need only look at a bottle of wine to know if it’s at the right temperature. The rest of us mortals need a little help. This wine thermometer makes it easier for us.
It’s a cuff shaped thermal band that fits over the bottle and has a digital display. In just a few seconds, it will show you the wine’s temperature. The thermometer also has a printed guide on the band that indicates the optimum temperature for 13 different varieties of wine.
Put the wine in the fridge or let it warm up until it reaches the desired temperature. Then serve it. The wine thermometer doesn’t require batteries and fits standard 750 ml bottles. Use it for red or white wines, champagne… It’s the next best thing to becoming a wine expert!

The Wine Thermometer is available from Curiosite for $14.09.

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  1. This is cheaper than I would expect. It makes a cool gift idea for when you need an inexpensive present.

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